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DJ & MC Entertainers

DJ / MC Vaughn

Vaughn has vast event production knowledge. His understanding of event production and entertainment from the perspective of an MC and a DJ keeps him in high demand. He is witty on the mic and has a way of keeping guests engaged and having a great time! He has done many weddings, bar mitzvahs, celebrity functions, and high-profile corporate events throughout the years. He certainly keeps very busy and maintains an "edge" with over 50 events annually! He is talented, experienced, and enjoys having a good time as much as our clients (and their guests)!

DJ / MC Ben

Ben has a very refreshing style. He understands that weddings often have 2 or more generations of guests in attendance. He has the unique ability to mix and "mash-up" multiple genres of music. He strives for the moment when the dance floor is filled with all age groups. He loves what he does and you can often see him dancing behind the DJ booth when he's in the groove! People love his fun personality and attention to detail. So do we!

DJ / MC Tony Tone

"Tony Tone" knows what many of our clients want because he has had many of the celebrated "life moments" that clients contact us for. He can really connect with wedding couples because he is married and he has had his own wedding. He is also great with "coming of age" events like bar / bat mitzvahs, quinces, and sweet 16s because he is a father. Wedding couples really trust his perspective and professional opinion. Parents trust that he will provide a fun experience for the young ones while keeping things age appropriate.

We have interactive DJs, bilingual DJs, and DJs with a club background. They ALL have personality, microphone training, and music mixing/crowd-reading talent. We are NOT a "DJ farm" or an agency with too many DJs to keep track of. Instead, we have a small team of carefully vetted talent to give our clients a personalized boutique experience. We match our DJs to your personal style and vision for your event!

For larger events, we recommend having a separate DJ and an MC for the sake of event fluidity. This is also conducive for managing larger groups since the MC can be "center & front" to address the crowd in a formal manner. All of our DJs are also trained MCs - which is great for more intimate events where only a DJ is needed. You will have direct contact upon booking, so a proper connection can be established for planning purposes. Our clients LOVE our modern DJ & Lighting setups because they enhance the experience and beautify the space!

Dancers / Party Motivators