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Frequently Asked Questions for our Events

Is the client able to meet with the DJ or MC?
Yes! Clients may meet with us prior to booking for consultation and up to two times before the event to go over the finer details.

Do you have insurance?
Yes, we are covered and happy to present proof to our clients and/or venue as needed.

What kind of events do you do?
We do weddings, corporate events, school dances, mitzvahs, quinces, private parties, grand openings, lounges, and much more!

How early do you show up before the event?
We show up at least an hour before the event starts to set up. Depending on what services we've been booked for, we may need to show up earlier to make sure that everything is up and running properly before the event starts.

What happens in the event of an emergency that would prohibit our DJ from attending our event?
In this extremely rare and unlikely occurence (i.e. an emergency involving death, medical, sudden natural disaster, loss of family member / life-threatening situation involving a family member, etc.), another DJ that we have pre-qualified would show up to do the event (if it is not cancelled due to a wide scale natural disaster or an act of GOD that would make this impossible). They would be informed of all of the crucial details so that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

What is your refund policy?
Refunds are given in the rare case that an entertainer fails to appear or arrives and is unable to perform. Refunds are also granted in the rare case of equipment failure. Please note that refunds are given for a particular service that doesn't perform at it's capacity. Other portions of the event affected by unexpected occurences are excluded. We take many necessary measures to keep equipment functioning properly and keep our team informed as to the specifics of the event. This works out better for everybody!

Do you have clean music edits?
Yes, we have clean edits for events that have conservatives ears or youngsters around.

Do you have lights?
Yes! We have uplighting, dance floor lighting, programmable intelligent lighting, special effects, and more.

Do you have backup equipment?
Yes, although we use state-of-the-art reliable equipment, we also bring backup equipment to make sure that the party keeps going if there is ever any equipment failure.

What kind of attire do you all where to events?
We always wear appropriate attire for the event. If it's a formal event, we dress in formal attire. If it's a casual event, we'll dress sporty/fashionable with black or charcoal being the default (no loud or obnoxious colors, unless we are in "theme" or requested to do so).

Do you offer planning assistance?
Yes! We can either plan the event or work with planners to help achieve your goals for the party.

Do you require a contract and/or deposit?
Yes, these items are required to reserve a date for your event.

How much experience do you have?
The founder has been in the business for about 15 years. He is a member of various industry groups/associations and has seen many aspects of the business. Many of the other DJ's, MC's, and Dancers/Entertainers we use have have 5-10 years of experience as well.

How interactive are you?
Every event is different. For events that call for interactivity, we are happy to take it to that level, and help motivate the crowd. Some events call for a more subtle approach and we understand this as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions for our Music/Video Services

What kind of music do you all produce?

We cover multiple genres, including: pop, dance, hip hop, rock, alternative, experimental, cinematic, and more!

Do you produce music for film?
Yes! We have produced music/sound for films, live theatre, commercials, and more.

Are revisions included in your services?
Yes! Clients get one free revision to basic "mix" tracks.

I'm an artist, can you produce me?
Yes! We produce many talented artists.

If I have a mixed track already. Can I just record vocals with you?
Yes! We can simply record your vocals to an "already mixed" track.

What kind of videos do you do?
We do event videography, engagement videos, music videos, promo videos, sizzle reels, interviews, and more!