Flowzone Entertainment also provides music services and operates as a label. We have an eclectic team of producers, artists, and DJ's that we represent. We've done music for film, voice recordings for t.v. commercials, and songs with spins on the radio.


  • Patson has the type of experience that people envy and admire. He is a tremendous producer and a bi-lingual MC. He has worked with major artists from the U.S. to the U.K. With dynamic style and versitility, his work is in high demand and he is also a SoulStarz Productions affiliate!

  • Delovino is a master at what he does. His heart beats to the rhythms he produces. From the Classic West Coast vibes to the "trap" sounds of the Dirty South, he covers a lot of ground.

  • Out of necessity, Vaughn initially taught himself the art of writing, performing, and producing. He is an avid listener of multiple genres and is capable of producing a vast variety of music. As a self-produced artist, Vaughn breaks boundaries and blurs the lines between musical categories. Official Vaughn Johnson website